Dorohusk-Jahodin border crossing

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The Dorohusk-Jahodin border crossing joins Poland, near the city of Chełm, and Ukraine near the city of Kovel. It lies on the highway between Kiev and Lublin, which is Ukrainian road M07 and Polish national road 12.

Walking across this border is not permitted, but hitchhikers can walk up to cars waiting in the queue and ask drivers to take them across. It might take a while to cross the borders: from Poland to Ukraine you can count on at least two hours and from Ukraine to Poland it usually takes longer and can easily be up to 4 hours. Its advisable to start asking people in the very beginning of the queue and it might even pay off to abandon your lift (that is crossing the border) when the line is very long.

Sometimes it can happen that there is a shift of Polish border guards known for checking less strictly - then there is a much longer queue, it is more difficult to get a ride and it takes much longer to cross, since a lot of local people try to smuggle cigarettes and do business there. n0id experienced it and it took him twelve hours to cross from the Ukrainian side to Poland.

Hitching out

West into Poland

From immediately after the last checkpoint, next to the parking lot where traders are sorting out wares transported across the border, you can thumb. If you are going far, don’t accept a lift only to Chełm, as you will not have to wait long for a lift straight to Lublin..