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Dieppe is a city in northern France. It is possible to hitch a truck going on the ferry to Newhaven. See this link.

Personal experiences

Aviva la Loca, September 2011

Cars pay per passenger so that makes it hard to get a free ride. Trucks can take 1 person but you have to meet the trucker outside the fenced in area. The nice guard told me at the ticket booth that it was very possible to hitchhike and he was quite friendly. There are 2 boats a day, one at 05:00h and also at 18:00. They take about 4 hours. Because I didn't meet truckers outside, I got to the port at 02:30 I decided to buy a ticket because the truckers were all inside. I bought a ticket at about 03:45 because they said the foot passengers closes at about 04:15 to get the little bus to go to the boat. The ticket was eur 25 and I asked about a student/youth discount and he said oh yes its 20% off so I paid eur 20 and never asked for student ID. So all in all it's very possible according to hitchhike but you need to find truckers before they go in and at least for the 5am ferry I recommend getting there before 02:30 or 03:00, maybe even around 22:00?

Ferry to Newhaven (Personal Experience)

I'd heard before about hitching cars so I tried waiting in front of the passport control. Someone picked me up but as they'd made a reservation, the control kicked me out when they saw I wasn't on the ticket! Then they tried to charge me 65 euros to cross as a foot passenger! After I kicked up a fuss they brought it down to 50, still outrageous but after failing to get a lift to Calais (very difficult route) I had to pay it.
I think if you go into the office with whoever books, it is possible to get in a car for free.

Ferry from Newhaven (Personal Experience)

I travelled from Newhaven to Dieppe on the ferry (around GBP 25 as a foot passenger), taking the night ferry which arrives around 03:00. As prices are nearly all based on named people on a ticket, rather than per car as on other routes, you cannot hitch a ferry here, since you won't be on any named ticket. You could approach people who are approaching the ticket office, to add you to their car, but that is difficult.

I walked from the port to Avenue Gambetta which leads onto the Avenue des Canadiens (turn right after leaving port). Its a 2km walk and you simply walk along the coast passing over one bridge. Walk up Gambetta until you get to a petrol station. I had a sign Rouen/Paris, and got a lift within 20 minutes. If you get an hours sleep at the port, get to the road early to catch the workers heading South.

Ferry from Newhaven (Personal Experience)

Car drivers who have already made a booking are charged a small fee to change details in their booking, for instance the number of passengers they have on board. If you want a lift, be prepared to pay this for them. I did this once and it was GBP 10. Still cheaper than buying a foot passenger ticket.

In contrast, when I have gone from Dover to Dunkerque, they don't care how many passengers are in the car. Their logic might be that people are likely to spend some money on board, so the more there are, the better.

I should be travelling from Dieppe to Newhaven as a foot passenger, then taking the Dover - Calais ferry as a driver next week, so I will add any information that is relevant.