Crossable rest areas in Luxembourg

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The following petrol stations and aires de service in allow a hitchhiker to cross over to the other side. This is a complete list for all motorways.

In Luxembourg service stations are usually opposite, each serving one of both directions. Most often there are service roads or minor roads to and from the service stations, which you can use to walk to a twin service station.

A1 / E44

  • Wasserbillig. Crossable southbound in 10 minutes.

A3 / E25

  • Berchem. Crossable northbound in 20 minutes. Leaving the northbound service station is not possible if the wooden door is locked from outside (manually, there is a locking mechanism without a key). However, from the service station walk to the bridge along the highway (about 50 meters) and you will find emergency stairs next to the bridge on both sides.


  • Pontpierre. Crossable in 10 minutes between the not exactly opposite service stations using a local pedestrians tunnel. Involves a bit of climbing up steep roadside and getting around a fence.

A6 / E25

  • Capellen. Crossable eastbound in 60 minutes over partially hard to find field and forest tracks. A demanding walk that requires very good orientation skills. Not recommended.