Cologne Bonn Airport

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Cologne Bonn Airport
<map lat='50.8806' lng='7.116' zoom='15' view='0' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of North Rhine-Westphalia.png
North Rhine-Westphalia
Population: -
Licence plate: -
Major roads: A3, A59
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Cologne Bonn Airport is the shared airport of the cities of Cologne and Bonn in southern North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The airport includes a railway station with the same name.

Hitchhiking out

Walk out of Terminal 2 in direction Parking 3 until you reach a roundabout near a petrol station. Start hitching here, you will get the cars coming out of Parking 3 which is the low-cost parking but miss the cars from parking 1 and parking 2 (more expensive), you will also miss the cars which just dropped somebody. It is difficult to find another good spot at this airport where cars can safely stop, this is an average one and it is enough traffic that you'll get away. Quarim waited 60 minutes, 45 minutes and once 2 minutes.

Traffic is dividing into a lot of different directions. To get a car which is going a special direction you exactly need is not so easy. It might be a good idea to not use a sign here and take the lift you can get and hitch a little detour to a better spot.