Chihuahua (City)

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Getting in

From East

If you’re going to Chihuahua from Nuevo Leon, there’s a nice paytoll with friendly staff between Saltillo and Torreon. This caseta cobro is located about 60km before Torreon and lies on the crossing of «Autopista de Peaje Torreon - Saltillo» and «Carretera San Pedro - La Cuchilla». Right after the paytoll there’s a plenty of space for trucks to stop. In early morning the drivers wake up, warm up the engines and depart in direction of Chihuahua, which brings you a nice chance to get direct rides for long distances. Talk to them and get lifts quickly. This spot works well if you need to get to Torreon, Chihuahua or even all the way to Tijuana.

There is a PEMEX station and two OXXO shops as well. Camping is possible, but be aware of prostitutes and strange people who may wonder in the area during the night. If you need to stay overnight, it’s better to ask paytoll staff for permission to put your tent nearby to stay safe.


If you’re heading north in directions of Ciudad Juarez or Agua Prieta, there’s a nice opportunity of a sleeping place on your way.

About 100km north from Chihuahua city there’s a toll station where the road splits into two ways. The station is called Caseta Cobro Ojos Laguna. It’s a very nice and safe place with some good options for camping. And there’s also a spare room which you can use to sleep!

El Chulito and Shamcore had nice experience in July 2016 asking local staff for permission to camp, but they were invited to stay in a room with beds and outlets. This room was used by local emergency team to stay over for weekends, but it’s not in use anymore, so there’s a nice opportunity for travelers to stay overnight and relax a bit. Very recommendable if you want restore some energy, charge our phone and continue hitch-hiking in the morning.