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I just published this book and would like to announce it on Hitchwiki.

"Hitchhike the World, Book 1: Americas, Europe, Africa"

Bill Stoever hitchhiked 50,000 miles in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He was imprisoned by the secret police in East Germany, traded currencies on the black market in Egypt, sailed on a dhow to Zanzibar, was stranded on a hippo island in Uganda, violated the apartheid laws in South Africa, rode six hours through the Congolese jungle standing in the back of a truck, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (twice), celebrated a Christmas in Madagascar, moved in with a Somali woman in Mogadishu, and swam the Suez Canal.

He recounts the triumphs and discomforts, the glorious adventures and lonely miseries, the dangers, diseases and detentions, the nice guys, weirdos and women that he experienced in 86 countries.

“Most travelers haven’t taken the risks I took, living on three dollars a day and thumbing rides with strangers,” says Stoever. “My story is different, stranger, wilder, and more adventurous than most travel books.”

It's available on and won't strangle your wallet too badly (less than $15). ISBN 1461173973

(I'd love to post a few pictures from the book if I could figure out how.)


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