Calafat-Vidin border crossing

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<map lat="44.003947045105" lng="22.894120048011" zoom="13" view="0" float="right" />

The Calafat-Vidin border crossing connects the two sides of the Danube: Bulgaria (town of Vidin) with Romania (town of Calafat). There is a new bridge connecting the two countries. European route E79 goes here from Oradea to the south end in Thessaloniki.

The border control is located on the Bulgarian side, about 2 km from the shore. It is possible to walk through the bridge (opened in June 2013), but you will be separated from the cars and can only see and be seen by the cars going to Bulgaria, so once you start walking towards Romania, you have to walk through the entire bridge before you can hitchhike again. Total distance to be walked from Bulgarian shore of Danube to checkpoint on Romanian side is about 5 km, so its better to hitchhike at the beginning of the bridge. There is a nice place to stand.