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<map lat='53.1368853338' lng='23.144073486328125' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' /> Białystok is a city in Poland, with more than 295 thousand inhabitants. Cars registered in Białystok have registration plates BI.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Suwałki, Kaunas (LT) 8 E 67

  • Option 1

Take bus 15, 20 direction Fabryka Dywanów or 102 direction Suchonie/Pętla and get off at bus stop called 1000-L.PP/St. Paliw. Walk straight ahead (north) for about 250m to the junction with bypass. Hitch behind the junction.

  • Option 2

On bus 102, you can go even further north along the Droga do Augustow ("road towards Augustow") and hitchhike from one of the bus stops.

Southwest towards Warszawa 8 E 67

  • Option 1

From bus stop Kolejowa/PKP (near main railway station) take bus no. 103 direction Choroszcz-Rynek and get off at Porosły. You can hitch from the bus stop which is already after bypass on the national road 8.

  • Option 2

From the same bus stop as mentioned in option 1 take bus no. 4 direction Klepacka/Pętla and get off at Elewatorska/Fadom (after the bus turns left from main road). The bus stop is 50 m after the turn. Walk back 50 m to the main road and you are on the straight road with a wide shoulder. You can also go west along the main road for about 1km to the bypass and hitch there from the bus stop Porosły.

South towards Lublin 19

Take bus no. 2 direction Dojlidy/Cmentarz and you can get off almost at the end, two or three stops before the last one, just before the bus turns if you want to get as far as possible, but there should be a petrol station somwhere on the way. You are on the national road that goes straight to Lublin so, anyway, ou can hitchhike anywhere from the moment you get on the main road and start to see the signs for Lublin. If the bus turns right from the main road, just press stop button and get out at next station, it's just a few metters ahead.

If you get stuck there by night, don't worry ! on the street where the bus turns, you can find a very good place to sleep in the small forest a bit thurther, and start again on the next dayear.


If you need somewhere to stay for free nearby and have a tent head to Święta Woda in Wasilikow on bun number 100 (only a few zloty and maybe 20 mins) It's a big Christian place but a lot of people camp there in the woods with the owner's permission (ask for him at the restaurant/reception and just make out like you're a tourist and want a bit of quiet space) We camped for a night in the woods, there's loads of fire wood, water, wifi and electricity near the church and nobody bothered us or tried to talk to us about God.

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