Bahia de Los Angeles

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If you’re looking for a nice beach with exotic animals and warm water, then don’t miss Bahia de Los Angeles. Almost all the visitors of this town are fishermen from San Diego, so it’s quite possible to get a direct ride here from any place of the northern part of Baja California.

People in Bahia are very friendly. Mostly you’ll meet tourists, who came to this town to relax and go fishing. Don’t hesitate to smile and approach people, you might be invited for some meal and make friends.

City hitchhiking works really well here due to low traffic, so expect to be picked up almost immediately after thumbing. Be patient, sometimes you will have to wait a bit for cars to appear.

Getting out

There’s quite a low traffic going out of Bahia, and most of it are tourists who are going back home or continuing their trip across Baja. Normally you’ll get rides towards north.

It might be a wise idea to ask people for a ride a couple of days in advance. If you walk through / hitch-hike the town, you’ll definitely meet and talk to people. Ask when they’re leaving and get out of Bahia with them.

Hitch-hiking out of the town is definitely better in the morning. There might be someone going at least to Punta Prieta, from where you’ll find a car going your direction.

Buying food

Please note that Bahia is quite touristy, which is the reason why you won’t find really cheap food in the shops (everything costs at least 30% more than in the mainland of Mexico).

There are several shops in the town which are located in the centre. The cheapest shop around is Mercado Isla. Just ask around to get directions. Keep in mind that the vegetables there are quite expensive, so it’s better to buy them in Tecate Mini-market which you can find right next to the main roundabout.


There are many villas and hotels at the seaside, so you may try your luck and camp there. The water rises quite high during summer season, so it may be a nice idea to camp a bit away from the shore.