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<map lat='47.786763268791326' lng='27.886734008789062' zoom='11' view='3' float='right' /> Bălţi (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈbəltsʲ]) is the third largest city in Moldova. The city, also called "the northern capital", is a major industrial, cultural and commercial centre and transportation hub in the north of the country. It is situated 127 kilometres (79 mi) north of the capital Chişinău, and is located on the river Răut, a tributary of the Dniester, on a hilly landscape in the Bălţi steppe.

Hitchhiking out

North (Ukraine), West (Glodeni) & South (Chişinău)

In the north-west of town you can find an awesome, huge roundabout along the M14. You can get there by following the street Decebal from the city center until it's end, but it should be possible to hitch within the city along this road as well. Traffic going northbound towards Edinet and the Ukrainian border passes here. Experienced waiting times don't even need to be mentioned. There's also a petrol station situated a few meters further in direction south, at it's end it's a good spot to hitch south or west in direction Glodeni. A few kilometres further another roundabout is located, so consider short-distance rides to get around the city when traveling southbound.

South (Chişinău)

The spot above also works for Chisinau/South. You're on the Balti ring. However, it might be more practical for you to ride the trolleybus 1 to the end of the line that is not the airport. Then, you'll be at the edge of town, and in the right direction. Just hitchhike the same road the bus left you on, in the same direction. The highway is only a few kilometers down.