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Antigonish is a town in Nova Scotia, Canada

Hitchhiking out East or west onto Trans-Canada Hwy

From Main Street you can walk down Church Street to the Old Highway intersection. There's a set of traffic lights you can stand at, but there's not much of a pull in and cars seem to be going short distances to the other side of town, but eventually you'll get a ride. Otherwise on Beech Hill Road there's a Tim Hortons near the Trans-Canada Hwy on ramp, about a 2.5km walk from Main Street

Accommodation and Sleep

If you're in town follow Main Street towards the hospital. Cross the bridge and right onto Adam street and at the end there's a small hiking trail. If you walk up a bit there's two or three little spots to put up a tent on the side of the path if you don't mind early morning joggers going past. There had been a small amount of rain so wasn't too bad but could be a bit swampy/muddy if there was a lot of rain.