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Flag of Angola Angola
Language: Portuguese
Capital: Luanda
Population: 18,498,000
Currency: Kwanza (AOA)
Hitchability: <rating country='ao' />
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Angola is a country in Central Africa with borders to Namibia, Zambia, the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Hitchhiking in Angola is very common among locals traveling short or long distances, and some drivers might expect to be paid. However, if you clarify beforehand, most of them will be happy to give you a free lift, as locals are very friendly to foreign visitors. Most of locals don't speak English, so basic Portuguese would be big advantage. Word for hitchhiking is "boleia".

The best places to hitch out of cities are gas stations along the main road and police posts. Policemen are usually willing to help foreigners with asking the drivers, but you have to explain them the way you travel. Otherwise, a signaling by the main road will also work. Outside the big cities its way much easier, and since the fuel is cheap, it happens often that drivers can bring you much further than they are going as they are willing to help.

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