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<map lat='40.58058466412761' lng='8.3001708984375' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/>
Flag of Italy
Population: 40,390
Licence plate: SS
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Alghero is a touristic city in the north-west of Sardegna.

The city itself is located beautiful at a bay and is surrounded by an old Catalan wall. Still some people in the city speak a Catalan dialect.

Hitching In

From Fertilia/Alghero Airport

From the airport it's easy to hitchhike. Just walk out the terminal and go towards the street. Take care that you are standing on the right side of the street towards Alghero, then wave your thumb for a 9 km ride to the city. There's a small roundabout and a fork in the road where cars drive slower. Your spot!

From Fertilia

Just walk out of Fertilia over the little bridge at the little port, 250 m towards a roundabout. There, you can stand next to the road directly at the beach to hitch a ride towards Alghero. Or move yourself and walk the 5 km towards the town along the beach.