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Albuquerque is a city in New Mexico.

Hitching out

There are very few good spots to hitchhike out of Albuquerque and you may encounter a lot of competition in the colder months when this part of the country attracts a lot of tramps.

North towards Santa Fe

The TA truck stop at Menaul and university Blvd is your best option. If you have no luck here you may want to try hitching from the nearby ramp on Candelaria Road. If you can, take public transport/find a ride to Bernalillo. It's a small city at the edge of the metro area and it's right next to I-25. If you can only find a short ride, there is a Casino/Gas Station just up I-25 at exit 252. You should find a ride pretty easy from there.

West towards Flagstaff

Waited about an hour at this intersection 35.095498, -106.731839 and then decided to try another spot closer to the city where there would be more traffic. Big mistake, the other intersection had no good onramp. Went back to the original spot and got picked up after two hours by a very chill dude who drove me straight to flagstaff. Not the easiest Ozcar August 2017