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Flag of Iceland
State: Norðurland eystra
Population: 18.488 (1. January 2017)
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Akureyri is a city in Northern Iceland.

Second biggest city of the country it is though still very small and calm. It is located along an amazing fjord and close to very interesting and unique site as e.g. the lake of Myvatn (among the best hotspring of the country)

Hitching out

The city is very small and can easily be walked. Buses through the city are free, but only come once an hour. Buses to the surrounding country side are quite expensive, as are all public transports in Iceland.

South towards Reykjavik

Walk towards to the national road n^1 (ring road of the island) on the northeastern part of the city. You'll easily find proper traffic lights and roundabouts more than adequate to start hitchin.

If you are carrying a lot, you can also take the free bus line number 1 to Miðsíða. This is the farthest out of Akureyri and the closest to the ring road you get by bus. There you can stand right after the roundabout in direction Reykjavík.

The roundabout in Holtahverfi (just next to the Bónus supermarket) is also quite a decent spot, although you will get a fair amount of local traffic as well.

East towards Myvatn, Egilsstadir and north eastern Iceland

Go to the southern part of the city till you'll reach the bridge that cross the fjord, there will be also a petrol station with plenty of traffic.

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