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Adana is a city in Turkey.

Hitchhiking Out

East towards Osmaniye,Gaziantep,Urfa,Antakya

Very easy here, the major west-east highway passes through the north of the city. Any way you go, you will probably hitch from here. harveypekar's favorite spot is the on-ramp on the west bank of the river. To get their, start walking from where the highway enters a tunnel (sorta hard to spot). From there, walk East on the South side of the highway. It's a desolate street, with a fence on the left, and some commerce on the right (cheap internet cafe, "beyoglu" bar). Continue. When you see the road go down on the left with a pedestrian bridge, don't take it yet (it's an off-ramp. Instead, continue a bit on the right. After some minutes, you will see a shortcut (next to 'eczane', pharmacy) where you can see cars driving right to left. Take this alley and you're on the on-ramp. Hitch while walking to the highway, you can get most of your rides this way. On the highway, you can stay at the end of on-ramp lane, no cars ever make it that far and you're safe from the trucks. Make sure you hold a sign, a lot of truck drivers go really far here, and they won't stop if they're not a hundred percent sure you're going the same way (unless you're a woman!). Police is no problem for hitching on the highway, they will actually cheer for you.

Accommodation and Sleep

The university campus seems to be a very safe place to camp out. The campus is closed at night, and only students and tourists (!) are allowed inside. Plenty of green, but watch out for some stray dogs. I didn't try it myself.

Trashwiki & Nomadwiki

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