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Hitchhiking out

NORTH: Autopista Chilpancingo/ Cuernavaca/ Mexico D.F.

Out of Acapulco take a local bus going to La Venta. You can find them passing along the main Cuauhtemoc avenue in down town, just north of big main park "park papagayo". Take a bus to Acapulco suburbs at La Venta. When the bus starts going along the northern autopista, be alert to jump of when it turns right in to small side road and La Venta itself. From here you just walk along the autopista and after a 20min or so you reach the main caseta (toll gate) going north

EAST: Puerto Escondido and the rest of Oaxaca coast

Take a bus or minibus from the downtown Acapulco to the big intersection called "De las Cruces". From here you should be able to find another minibuses to the suburban village called Tres Palos and maybe even further. When you come here its already the main road heading east along the pacific coast

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