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The AP-53/AG-53 is a motorway in Spain, it leads from Santiago de Compostela to Ourense. Between Santiago de Compostela and Lalín it is a tollway and between Lalín and Ourense it is a freeway.

Hitching the  AP-53 / AG-53 

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Autobahn junction.png  AP-9 
(1) Ramp.png Santiago de Compostela Este
(2) Ramp.png Santiago de Compostela Sur
Spain traffic signal r200.svg
(15) Ramp.png Ponte Ulla
(24) Ramp.png Bandeira
Autobahn gasstation.png service station Silleda
(33) Ramp.png Silleda
Spain traffic signal r200.svg
(41) Ramp.png Lalín Oeste
(46) Ramp.png Lalín Centro
(50) Ramp.png Lalín Este
(56) Ramp.png Dozón
(65) Ramp.png Piñor
(73) Ramp.png Carballiño
Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png service station Barbantiño (under construction)
Autobahn junction.png  AG-54 
Autobahn junction.png  A-52 



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