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The AP-53/AG-53 is a motorway in Spain, it leads from Santiago de Compostela to Ourense. Between Santiago de Compostela and Lalín it is a tollway and between Lalín and Ourense it is a freeway.

Hitching the  AP-53 / AG-53 

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Pfeil unten.svg

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Autobahn junction.png  AP-9 
(1) AB-AS-blau.svg Santiago de Compostela Este
(2) AB-AS-blau.svg Santiago de Compostela Sur
Spain traffic signal r200.svg
(15) AB-AS-blau.svg Ponte Ulla
(24) AB-AS-blau.svg Bandeira
Autobahn gasstation.png service station Silleda
(33) AB-AS-blau.svg Silleda
Spain traffic signal r200.svg
(41) AB-AS-blau.svg Lalín Oeste
(46) AB-AS-blau.svg Lalín Centro
(50) AB-AS-blau.svg Lalín Este
(56) AB-AS-blau.svg Dozón
(65) AB-AS-blau.svg Piñor
(73) AB-AS-blau.svg Carballiño
Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png service station Barbantiño (under construction)
Autobahn junction.png  AG-54 
Autobahn junction.png  A-52 

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