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Varna is the biggest city along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, lying in the east of the country.

Hitching Out

South towards Burgas

<map lat='43.185825274' lng='27.87808656692505' zoom='16' view='2' float='right'/> Take the bus number 2 from the post office in the center of the town. The bus follows the road out to the highway. Get out of the bus just after the huge bridge (ask the driver to stop). There is a fork in the road. The left fork is the main highway to Burgas, the right fork is the slower sightseeing road along the coast that also goes to Burgas and links up with the main highway.

North towards Constanta

Its walkable. From the centre follow the sign and walk down the main street - Knyaz Boris. Walk along the street untill you reach a bridge. Once you passed the bridge walk a little bit further untill you find yourself on the shell petrol station. 100 metres far away from petrol station there is quite a good spot for stopping with decent traffic (took me 10 minutes to get a ride)

West towards Veliko Tarnovo , Sofia , Ruse

Take the bus number 409 to the Airport (walking from Airport to the right place is near 100m). The highway is up to you so you follow the way on the left after you get out from the Airport , don't walk under the bridge and after that this way connect to the highway E70. Where they connect is the best place for hitchhiking (at the bridge end). If coming into the city, best just to explain that you need to hitch west towards Sofia and ask your ride to drop you off at a road towards it as you could be doing a lot of walking otherwise. Hitching to Varna is simple and you should be able to find someone willing to give you a ride to the west side of the city.