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Hi, I am a guy from the Netherlands who likes hitchhiking. When I started on a hitchhike trip around the world in 2019, I started to use the nickname World Hitchhiker.

Why I hitchhike? To meet people and get in touch with local life. I think it's the best way of traveling.

Biggest hitchhike trip In 2019 I hitchhiked from the Netherlands (Europe) to Cambodia (South East Asia). In 2020 I am still going on with the same hitchhike trip; in the first quarter I've visited Thailand and Malaysia.

Hitchhike experience I have crossed the following countries by hitchhiking, which means from border to border.

On my big hitchhike trip in 2019 & 2020: The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia

Other hitchhike trips in Europe: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania

My stories Are you interested in my stories? Read my hitchhike stories at my website world hitchhiker. I share stories, photos and hitchhike tips on my website. Let me know what you think about it by sending me a private message.

Thanks to hitchwiki In my opinion Hitchwiki is the best website for hitchhikers. Before I enter a new country I often check the hitchwiki for the specific country. Also in big cities I recommend to have look at how to get out of big cities. I try to update the articles on hitchwiki if I have good tips :)