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We are happy to host a gathering with free contributions again: food, knowledge, money, sleeping bags, what people need. [...] This is an open space and if you like, feel invited! [...] Kardan from Riebau


Northern Germany, close to Salzwedel, in the village of Riebau at Traumschule [map], hosp-ex profiles on BW, CS

How to get there

The Traumschule is located in Riebau, about ten kilometers East of Salzwedel which can be reached from different directions. The closest highways are the A2, A7, A24 - depending on where you are coming from you can take different national roads to reach Salzwedel - from there take the B190 towards Arendsee until the village of Pretzier. From here you follow Riebauer Straße for about 3km until you're in Riebau. Once there, follow the road to the left, after turn right and directly left - you'll the the fire station and on the opposite side the Traumschule. The gathering should be easy to reach, but bear in mind that it is about 80-100km away from the highway and that you might need one, two hours or more for that distance!


10-26 August (it is possible to come early and stay longer - besides the hitchgathering the Traumschule hosts an all-summer long self-organized open-space summercamp)

Preparation camp

People who come early can set to help up the infrastructure for the people to come - dig shit pits (or rather build an additional dry toilet), put up signs, check dumpster locations and the like. The German Competetive Hitchhiking Club will gather the weekend before (4-6th August) to start with some preparations. You are welcome to join!

What to bring

Most tools are available, but we need to bring some cooking pots. Who can help to provide them?


Food, Water

  • an organic food source from local producers could be organized / is being organized (?)
  • Drinking water is available 50 meters from where we camp


  • (dry) toilets
  • solar shower
  • bikes
  • workshops, material

Dumpster diving

  • Dumpsters below average on German standards, but more could be found, cake dumpster in Salzwedel

What to do

  • Huge wonderful swimming lake about ~20km away (Arendsee)
  • Cool things to explore: an abandoned train station building, earthships, and

semi-abandoned military barracks and stuff...

  • All summer-long project happening meanwhile: 'anti-civilisatory summer camp' with workshops and exchange of information and skills and visions (program)


Dogs are expected to be on a leash 24/7 (either physical or mental leash is okay). We are asked not to use electronics on one part of our campground.


Some pictures from the abandoned train station (only a part of the area)