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You are likely to find me reverting vandalism and other inappropriate edits all over the English Wikipedia. These days I am mostly using STiki.

I was born in Leicestershire on November 8 1999, where I still live; with my family. I am Tess Smith. I'm also known as The Vixen; which is my user name above... I don't know if I'm the first female user/editor on Hitch Wiki, but whatev's.

I create some content, although my articles tend to be stubs and usually on Finnish subjects (incidentally, I am not Finnish, I'm English). I'm mostly drawn to music, movies and other popular culture subjects, but anti-vandalism work also introduces me to various other types of articles, which certainly is not a bad thing. Occasionally I do gnomish work too, fixing grammar, adding refs and stuff like that. I do appreciate constructive feedback, especially if I make a mistake, so you are most welcome to visit my talk page.

I do not check my email regularly.

If I have blocked your account and you wish to get unblocked, there is no need to email me. Just follow the instructions you will see on your screen.

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