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==Who am I==
Lithuanian TV production/Cinema student.
Belgian student in med school. Only hitched for a couple of times near my hometown Ghent, but i made my first real hitch hiking trip accros France last summer.
My nickname was derived from my love of Sylvester Stallone as Rambo and Rocky, and the running joke me and my hitch buddy [[User:Nathan]] had on the stairs of La Defence, a famous bussiness centre in Paris with an excellent view.
So far i haven't hitched that much, but i'm dreaming of someday hitching across the USA, and offcourse there's still plenty of Europe for me to discover.
==Hitchhiking Experience==
==Hitchhiking Experience==

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Lithuanian TV production/Cinema student.

Hitchhiking Experience


Belgium, France


First timers in France [1]

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In Normandie, France, trying to hitchhike to Ouistreham, my first trip as a hitchhiker (September '08).


Total distance: 1656 km

Best scenery: the area around Cancale and St-Malo in France. Thanks to a very friendly doctor who drove us for more than one hour accros a coastline with beaches, clifs and oyster farms.

Longest distance 24hrs: 455.35km

Longest time waiting: 3 hours at Rennes, France

Most fun lift: after being stuck for 3 hours, a lift from Rennes to Paris. Spent 6 hours in a classic volkswagen van from '76 with a cool hippie girl driving through small villages and countryside

Shortest time waiting: 1 second in Ghent... I was hitchhiking home, walking on a big road. I turned so i faced the cars, and lifted my thumb. Just as i did this, a blue car was passing by and instantly stopped. Amazing!