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Hi, I'm PhysicsHipster, a hitchhiker from Montreal, Canada, currently based in Munich, Germany. I'm also the moderator of the Hitchhiking Subreddit. As of 2019 I've packed up my marker for the most part, and am working as a data scientist, and also getting married soon! But I did spend a decade hitching all over, alongside my studies. Here's the location list.

Where He's Hitched

2010 - Australia & New Zealand

2011 - Across Canada

2012 - Japan, Laos, Bhutan

2013 - Across USA

2014 - Western Europe and North Africa

2015 - Iceland, More Europe, Middle East

2016 - North India, Eastern Europe, Portugal

2017 - Italy, Macedonia+Kosovo, Central Aisa, Montenegro+Bosnia+Croatia, Netherlands

2018 - Norway (Svalbard), Sweden, UK, Uganda, More Eastern Europe

2019 - One final lift along the Amalfi Coast

I think it was a pretty good decade. By the end I'd visited 75 countries on 6 continents, of which I'd hitchhiked in 55. But those are all just numbers ;) Now I feel it's time to take a break, and look towards new things instead of just country collecting. Well, then off I go...