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* 3/09 Venise => Munich (D) Bus until Padova then 4 carss/ we slept by a couchsurfer
* 3/09 Venise => Munich (D) Bus until Padova then 4 carss/ we slept by a couchsurfer
* 4/09 Munich => Leipzig (schkeuditzer Kreuz) 2 cars! THAT'S IT!
* 4/09 Munich => Leipzig (schkeuditzer Kreuz) 2 cars! THAT'S IT!
[[fr:!!!!!!De l'Allemagne à la Turquie ALLER RETOUR, UN MOIS, 200 EUROS!!!!!]]

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If you can correct this article, it will be great, i can speak english currently, there are surely a lot of mistakes! thank you!So, I'm Philippe, 21, from Paris, Langages and art student in Strasbourg and one year in Leipzig with the Erasmus programm. There i have met Luise, same age, from Leipzig, also a german girl, she studies Textil Design in Halle. She has hitchhiked in Nord America for one year and i already had many experiences and only for short trip. We hitchhiked from Halle in Germany to Istanbul go and return, from the 4th of August until the 4th of September. We only spent 380 euros for the both + 80 € for the Sziget festival.

72 drivers 20 days hitchhiking 12 days resting or sightseeing We camped out two or three times without other choice


  • 4/08 Halle (D) => Katowice (PL) 6 cars/ we slept by a friend and then by a couchsurfer ( http://www.couchsurfing.org) à Cracovie
  • 7/08 Crakow => Radimno (PL) 3 cars/ we camped out without other choice!
  • 8/08 Radimno => Lviv (UA) 2 cars/ we slept in an hostel / it was difficult to cross the border because it's not allowed to cross it by foot! we had to find a car in front of the border and it's not so easy because people throught that we had got drogs or other stuff like that..
  • 9/08 Lviv => Michalovsce (SK) Bus untill Stryi then 5 cars/ we slept in a abandonned train station and had the same problem in the border. 2 crazy: A polish guy picked us up and went to the wrong direction! When we met police cars he hid his car.. then we had to hitchhike back. The other guy was from Ukraine and try to seduce my friend but it wasn't the big deal.
  • 10/08 Michalovsce => Budapest (H) 3 cars/ 2h waiting in Milkolc, we slept by a couchsurfer then we camped in the Sziget Festival
  • 14/08 Budapest => Debrecen (H) 2 cars/ 4h waiting between the two cities in a petrol station, why? people were stupid or it's not usual to hitchhike in Hungary (that's can explain the waiting of the day before)
  • 15/08 Debrecen => Cluj Napoca (RO) 3 cars/ we slept by a couchsurfer
  • 16/08 Cluj Napoca => Brasov (RO) 2 cars/ we slept by a couchsurfer
  • 18/08 Brasov => Bucarest (RO) 1 car/ we slept by a couchsurfer
  • 20/08 Bucharest => Vama Veche (RO) 1 car but we paid (in Romania it's normal, we paid about 5 euros)/ we slept in Vama Veche a great place to camp out on the beach with other hippie!
  • 21/08 Vama Veche => Bâlgari (BG) 7 cars/ we camped out in a bulgarian forest without other choice!
  • 22/08 Bâgari => Istanbul (TR) 5 cars/ we slept by a couchsurfer
  • 26/08 Istanbul => Thessaloniki (GR) 8 cars/ we slept by a couchsurfer/ problem again in the border because we were by foot
  • 29/08 Thessaloniki => Sofia (BG) 5 cars/ we slept by a couchsurfer.. In fact we slept after 2 days on the beach 100 km under Thessaloniki, the trip was also longer. 2 bulgarian guys picked us up, and asked several times for money, and we basically answered "no", finally they let us somewhere else than the initial destination after taking us about 6/7€ and not without angriness
  • 30/08 Sofia => Slivnitsa (BG) 1 car/ 2h waiting Why? it was a big cities with too much cars i guess.. then a mushrooms factory director picked us up and proposed us to sleep in the office of his factory. Then we ate and drunk with an employed and spoke simple english and basic russian, it was great!
  • 31/08 Slivnitsa => Belgrade (SB) 1 car/ we crossed the border by foot (it was possible!) the employed let us in the border, ther we slept by a couchsurfer
  • 1/09 Belgrade => Zagreb (HR) 2 cars/ slept by a couchsurfer/ 6 h waiting in Belgrade !!!! Why? it was directly on the highway, we had problems with the police, so after we hitchhiked very far from the highway and it was difficult for cars to stop. Besides, we had to cross a border, and people don't like take hitchhikers in this context.. there were also too much cars..
  • 2/09 Zagreb => Venice (I) train until Krsko (SL) then 9 cars!!!! (Why that much? because we had to go out from the border because of the police and then go in again, and then we had to go out again because nobody went directly to Venice)/ we slep 2 hours outside!
  • 3/09 Venise => Munich (D) Bus until Padova then 4 carss/ we slept by a couchsurfer
  • 4/09 Munich => Leipzig (schkeuditzer Kreuz) 2 cars! THAT'S IT!