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Joined 3 January 2008
Lnx hitching from Holland to Belgium

I (Lnx) am a first-year student in Computer Science. I started hitch-hiking just after Christmas 2007 and so far has only been hitch-hiking in England.

I take a scientific approach when it comes to hitch-hiking - throughout my trips I maintain the statistical records and try to understand the attitude to hitch-hiking as a method of transport in the modern British society.

I am also the president of an Oxford University Society called "The Oxford Hitch-Hiking Club" (registration pending), whose aims include promoting safe & efficient hitch-hiking in the UK, and (in the long term) campaigning for safer roads for hitch-hikers, including the introduction of "Liftersplaats"-type lay-bys in the UK.

In addition, I am also a member of the Hospitality Club.


News and Updates

  • I have successfully completed my first European continental hitch-hiking trip. See the stats page for details.

Hitch-hiking experience

England, Belgium, The Netherlands

Possible Trips

  • Summer 2008 - UK-Belgium-Germany-Poland-Belarus

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