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Waiting for a lift in Eastern Yemen: mind the camels.
Hitching in Oman towards UAE.
Waiting for a ride in Iran.
Winter in Eastern Turkey.
Some Rakia with a truck driver in the middle of the night in the middle of Turkey - trying out myself why there are wise rules about no-drinking while hitch-hiking...

Here is part of my hitch-hiking bio and show off... ;)

  • I started hitch hiking some years back in South Africa. Since then I hitch hike every year more than what the average person travels with their own car, train and maybe plane together. Lately, I hitchhiked back to Europe from Yemen.
  • I see hitchhiking as a normal, even though special, means of transport. I do appreciate the personal and --on a bigger scale-- the cultural exchange and empowerment perspective of hitch-hiking. Most of the time, I try to put hitch-hiking in a big and interconnected picture.
  • I do highly appreciate the diversity of hitch-hiking.
  • I am a fan of hitch-hiking techniques, the psychology of hitchhiking and scientific views on hitchhiking; but also the hitch-hiking flow and hitch-hiking as meditation.
  • I do appreciate, stimulate and I am active for the exchange of information and cooperation within and to the outside of the hitchhiking community. Further, I am active for the sustainability of hitch hiking related activities and projects.
  • I (co)founded abgefahren e.V., the German Hitchhiking Society in order, a.o., to facilitate more sustainability in the (German) hitch-hiking scene.
  • I push on making hitch-hiking mainstream. Concrete project plans range from holding a hitch-hiking congress, over organizing a Youth Exchange on European level (European Mobility aspect), to give a helping hand in order to get finally the Global Autostop Race realised.