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<map lat='63.43270287961341' lng='10.436325073242188' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/> Trondheim is a city in Norway. It is the 3rd largest city in Norway.

Hitching Out

Heading North

To go north, a convenient place is Innherredsveien, around where it crosses Mellomveien. You can get there by crossing one of the bridges bridge east of the train station, Bakke Bur (bridge) or Nidelv Bru. Inherredsveien becomes the E6.

Heading South

To go South, you can intercept the E6 at Heimdal, near the train station, by taking a train or city bus south.

Heading East, towards Sweden

There's not a lot of East/West traffic in Norway (or in Sweden), but it's doable. When you're getting closer to Sweden your best bet is the people heading to the "cheap" Swedish supermarkets.

Personal Experiences

ReZz is a dude, and he has found that Trondheim one of the worst places to hitch from. Still, he has done it, even in the winter, all the way to Oslo in the South and Hammerfest/North Cape in the extreme North.