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Tromsø is a town in Norway. To get South/East out of Tromsø on the E8 cross the bridge and walk on to the roundabout. check for exact location.

Mila77 hitched from A i Lofoten (south end on the Lofoten Islands) to Tromsø in Summer 2005.

It was quite easy though sometimes I had to wait quite long. Also, be prepared that though it will not get dark, but there will be less and less cars coming. This hitching took me almost 2 days. I met really great people, usually locals. Be aware: bring some extra food and water, in case you get dropped off between Lødingen and Fiskefjorden. There is nothing there and I read a funny story about this track. In the old times the Swedish people wanted to go to Norway and take over the land, but they didn't think of that there was no food supply on this area, so they all died passing this way and could not take over Norway .. imagine how I felt when I realized that I got dropped off there. Fortunately some old lad picked me up who thought that my car had broken down... But it was fun and a great experience.
I also recommend hitchhiking on the Lofoten Islands in General, as theres usually only one main street, it's really easy..