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Toulouse is a city in the South West of France.

Several motorways meet at Toulouse so it's a great place to change routes if your driver is no longer going the same way as you. Toulouse's bypass is complicated, so try to change vehicles at the péage on the entrance to the motorway you wish to travel along. If you change at the exit péage before entering the Toulouse bypass a lot of passing traffic won't be going the same way as you.

Hitching Out

<map lat='43.6186793498257' lng='1.429595947265625' zoom='10' view='0' float='right'/>

West towards Bordeaux, Agen, Paris

To get to the large péage where all the traffic in this direction must stop, take bus 60 or 69 from the "Place Jeanne d'Arc" in the centre. Get off at the stop "Laparrou", near to this stop there is the small street "Impasse des Horticulteurs", at the end of which is the tollgate.

South towards Montpellier, Foix, Andorra

Take metro line B in the direction Ramonville to the very last stop. After exiting the station, cross the street at the intersection and turn left (failing to cross the street will result in having to backtrack). Follow the autoroute signs (about 2km walk) to the southwestern peage.

A few kilometers after the peage the autoroute splits, with most traffic going on to Montpellier. Therefore a sign reading "Montpellier" or "Foix" is essential.

If the driver is not going all the way to Foix or Andorra, he might be able to drop you off at the peage Pamiers, from which one can easily continue on. ���������������������