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<map lat='65.848056' lng='24.149167' zoom='12' view='0' country='Sweden, Finland' float='right'/>

The communities of Finnish Tornio (Northern Sami: Duortnus, Swedish: Torneå) and Swedish Haparanda (Finnish: Haaparanta) function as a single city split over the border of Finland and Sweden along the northern Baltic Sea. There are no border checkpoints and people can freely move from one side to another.

Hitching out

West towards Luleå

In Haparanda, next to Ikea, there is a roundabout where the road 99 branches off the . Best results are achieved by standing next to the E4 some 50–100 m after the roundabout. There's room for cars to pull over and stop. If you walk a little bit further, you'll come to the end of the industrial area at the edge of town. After another roundabout, there's a bus stop with ample space and nice camping opportunities.

Other possibilities

Other possibilities are to ask at one of the two petrol stations north of the mentioned roundabout. In summer, most drivers were saying that they are going north (so maybe this is a good spot for this direction?). You can also ask people at the Ikea (maybe good for going east to Finland?).

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