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Ternopil (Ukrainian: Тернопіль) is a city in western Ukraine with a nice lake and historical ruins.

Among some hitchhikers, Ternopil is well known as a hell to hitchhike around, especially coming from the south going towards Lviv, or vice versa. Try to convince possible drivers to leave you at the end of town (when hitchhiking west) or near the highway crossing where the road goes south (when hitchhiking to Chernivtsi).

<map lat='49.34' lng='25.36' zoom='10' view='3' float='right' />

Hitching out

West towards Lviv, Przemyśl (PL) (H-02)

Take bus №25 from vul. Ruska to vul. Lvivska. Then walk around 1-2 km to a gas station near a crossroads. Hitchhike behind the crossroads.

You can also get there by foot. From the lake, walk west on vul. Ruska until you arrive at a big junction with traffic lights where the name changes into vul. Berezhanska. There turn right on L'vivska street, there is a bus stop after 30m that can take you out of the city for a few Griven, though it could be better to keep walking for about 1km and hitch next to the hotel on your right. The sidewalk and the road are in really disasterous conditions as are lots of other ones in the country.

East towards Khmelnytskyi, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk (M12)

Take bus №1, №25, №13 or trolley №10, №2 from vul. Ruska to roundabout on prosp. Bandery. Cross behind the roundabout towards end of the city.

South towards Chernivtsi, Suceava (RO) E 85 (M19)

Take bus №18, №8 from vul. Ostrozkoho (near vul. Ruska) to Velyka Berezovytsia.

Accommodation and Sleep

The western side of the lake is a bit wilder and adapt for wild camping. Though is still very used by people for gathering, drinking and smoking, it's much calmer and permits you to find a nice place to set up your tent. The gardens on the eastern side of the lake (closer to the city) are more crowded and it is more likely that police can come to annoy you.

At the crossing of the ring road with the road towards Lviv, just at the beginning of town, there's a restaurant and a service station located. On the left, next to the restaurant, there is some barbeque place with some wooden huts which, once closed, can be used to sleep under/in.