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Here are some tasks you can do:

  • Help building the website asap!
    • link new website to / publish it.
      • Could whoever has DNS control contact me directly to talk about this? Ben
    • Translate press releases in Russian and the language of the country where it will happen. At least. And other languages, of course.
    • If you have web design skills or ideas for layout/features, please let us know so that we can make the site look more attractive and useful
    • add some sort of non-binding registration page where we can list people who might come, with information which city they come from (like last year: Project_888/Sign_Up_Page)
      • I'll created a form to do this - Ben
    • Content: Still very light on content at the moment. Would anybody like to propose some ideas? Ben suggests:
      • About (with the home page becoming just a summary of the event with latest news)
      • Where and When (location and perhaps a schedule)
      • Sign up (might be nice to have a mailing list available and an idea of who is coming)
      • FAQs
      • Press
  • Get in touch with the HH clubs of Europe.
    • Give clubs an update, ask them to translate press text in their language,promote on websites/mailing lists. only 3 month to go!
  • Find local support in odessa!
  • Prepare something for the magazine: Random roads
  • Still need access to the hitch888 Flickr group or for a photoset to be created there with chosen photos
  • add or edit the tasks