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Sydney is Australia's biggest city.

Hitching Out

<map lat='-33.860152740302304' lng='151.072998046875' zoom='10' view='0' float='right'/>

South towards Melbourne

There are two options.

  • The Princes Highway is more scenic and mostly not a freeway, but it's 200 km longer. You can try to take a train to Waterfall and walk to the highway. It might not be legal to stand there, though, and it's not a great spot. Guaka and amylin waited 10 minutes, declined a ride to the next town and then waited an hour or so. So possibly find yourself a better spot to start.
  • Take the Hume Highway if you're in a hurry (which you shouldn't be). It takes 10 hours to get to Melbourne if you are lucky enough to get a truck going all the way. It's less easy to get out than on the Princes Highway. Joy caught the train to Casula and hitched from the service station 10 min walk away (waited 10 mins). Check out to see where to go, or just ask someone.