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Suwałki is a city in northeast Poland along the E67 "Via Baltica" highway. It is a major transit point between the Baltic countries and Poland and the last major settlement before the Lithuanian border.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Lithuania E 67

When arriving from Augustów, if driver doesn't go any further than Suwałki, ask him to leave you at the Shell petrol station inside the town. From there, you can walk less than a kilometre to the end of town and hitchhike further from a bus stop. Avoid being dropped off at the beginning of town, where the bypass road splits off, because there is nowhere there for a car to pull over.

The road enters Lithuania at the Budzisko-Kalvarija border crossing, where long-distance rides further into the Baltic countries are possible.

South towards Augustow, Warsaw E 67

At the end of town, at the roundabout described above, there's some space to stop cars going south, but little light available, depending on the spot/visibility you want to choose when hitchhiking at night.