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Flag of Singapore Singapore
Language: English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
Capital: Singapore
Population: 5,000,000
Currency: Singapore dollar (SGD)
Hitchability: <rating country='sg' />
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Singapore is a city-state in South-Eastern Asia. It has a road border with Malaysia to the north and a sea border with Indonesia to the south and west. The currency is the Singapore Dollar. Most Singaporeans speak an almost perfect English, often as their first language. Hitchhiking is very rare within Singapore, mainly because it is a city and public transport is very good.

For those who are crossing borders to Malaysia, there is a checkpoint in the North called "Woodlands checkpoint" and another checkpoint in the West called "Tuas checkpoint".

If you arrive by flight to SIN, and plan to cross the border overland, check the "Airport" section!

Hitchhiking out

You can either take public transportation to Malaysia, hitch from the border or hitch a boat to leave the city / country.

Bus or Metro

From the Airport, take the "JB Shuttle Bus" which takes you to JB = Johor Bahru in Malaysia, just over the border. Cost: $7 SGD (sept 2011)

Or take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport = Metro) : Red Line to "Marsiling station" (Attention: the border checkpoint is called Woodlands, don't get out at Woodlands station but in Marsiling which is closer). From there take the bus 950 that takes you to JB. Then you can hitch out of customs just walking up the road. It is definitely illegal, but it is rare to be harassed by police for standing right on the freeway in Malaysia.

Hitchhiking from Singapore

From any point in the city, take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport = Metro) : Red Line to "Marsiling station" (Attention: if the border checkpoint is called Woodlands, don't get out at Woodlands station but at Marsiling which is closer). The cost : around $3 SGD, don't forget to take the $1 refund when exiting the station.

You can try to hitch from the station on the road to the north (direction Johor / checkpoint), with a sign would help.

Or you can walk to customs, around 15 minutes, head towards the "checkpoint". Once past customs and you have your passport stamped, you come out in a bus station, you will need a ticket to board one, but you can also follow the "walking man" sign. It leads towards the bridge that makes the border. You may be stopped by several police officers stating that you can't walk to Malaysia. Say that you know what you are doing, that someone will pick you up there. Don't mention you are hitchhiking, they will just keep you longer telling you it's forbidden, and there's nowhere to pull over. Just stick to the pick-up story. Walk along the narrow side of the road, one minute, to the center of the bridge where there will be a large enough space for cars to stop. Hitch from there. There's a lot of traffic and you won't wait long.

Edit: there was so much traffic that walking was literally faster, I got to car check point but had to get up to bus terminal to get stamped and then inside Malaysia I hitchhiked in. Not easy to get a ride from the mall area of JB sentral... More advice is appreciated.

Edit 2: I had absolutely no success trying the bridge spot, there was a lot of scooters parked there and because of that, little place for cars to stop (November 2017). IMO the best place would be the rightmost channel at the border checkpoint on the Malaysian side. You can either walk there all the way from the SG side of the border, or take a bus and find the stairs heading down to the checkpoint. There's plenty of space there to stop and cars are moving slow, eventually you will get someone to pick you up. (Mojo)

By boat

There is one ferry to an Indonesian island. Forget about entering the Singaporean port, I think the only way might be to get a ride on a yacht from a marina. There is one marina that might let you also enter without being member right next to Tuas checkpoint.

Public Transport

Singapore has a very good public transport system, with a metro (MRT) doing the very long distances as well as many buses. Prices are usually relative to the distance for buses, but the MRT seems to be around $3 even for very long distances. I would not try to jump the gates of the MRT as there are cameras EVERYWHERE in Singapore. I don't know what the fine might be, but considering that you can be imprisoned for 7 years if you steal an apple in a shop or sentenced to death if you smoke a joint, I would not try... (toortoth)


If you arrive by flight to SIN, and plan to cross the border overland, make sure you made a fake return e-ticket from SIN (to anywhere). There is a high chance that they ask you for your return itinerary at the check-in counter of the departure airport. It's a new regulation in Singapore Customs. While in some cases if you explain you go overland they may let you in, they also can be annoying. While leaving CDG to SIN with Singapore Airlines they accepted my explanations, but when I left MEL to SIN with Jetstar they just didn't accept any explanation and I had to buy a ticket I would never use departing from SIN, at last minute leaving me no choice (toortoth). So make a fake, with a frame from another airline (in case they want to check in their own system, but they never do, it would be too long to check itineraries of all passengers, especially calling other companies). Cheapest ticket out of the country is most likely the Singapore-Batam ferry, can be booked online on for SGD15. Officially suggested by Jetstar.


The Gardens by the Bay is a huge park close to the Marina Bay Sands hotel. At night there are not many people and you can find a somewhat hidden place to sleep. You'll usually see some local crashing somewhere in the grass as well. At the south end, there is a building with a meadow on the roof. Downstairs, there are very clean public toilets with showers and drinking water fountains, open 24 hours.

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