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<liftershalte lat='55.933817894564726' lng='23.382339477539062' zoom='12' view='0' float='right' />
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'''Šiauliai''' is a town in northern Lithuania.
'''Šiauliai''' is a town in northern Lithuania.

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<liftershalte lat='55.931894723920415' lng='23.306121826171875' zoom='12' view=float='right0 float='right' />

Šiauliai is a town in northern Lithuania.

It is a important crossing for railways and roads.

A road, north-south bound, E77, connects Riga to Kaliningrad Oblast'. Another road, east-westbound, from Vilnius and Panevežys, goes to the Baltic Sea, Palanga. The part after Šiauliai is an highway for about 25 km till the town of Kuršenai.