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Template:Shymkent is a city in Kazakhstan. Located in Southern part of country. Famous mostly by its rude and agressive local people tended to illegal occupation also most stupid and agressive manner of driving. Locals call Shymkent region as Texas. But still some locals extremely friendly and helpfull.

Hitching Out

South towards Taskent

Ask for a bus to Zhybek-Zhol car market located in southern part of city, for example, #35 or #111 from busstop "Ogonek" near hotel Shymkent, from bus stop walk a bit along road, then h-hike.

Hitching In

Ask driver to carry you to Mega center. This place is a kind a hub for public transport.

Places to Visit

There is town Turkestan in 180 km in north-west direction.

Places to Avoid

Please, avoid Old Town(Stary gorod) at nighttime. There is a high criminal rate there.

Other Useful Info