Santo Domingo

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From Santo Domingo (DR), direction North to Santiago, La Vega,Puerto Plata, (DR) etc. trough Autipista Duarte

If you are already in the center of Santo Domingo,try to get to Avenida Mexico. From there is leaving bus 22.28 which heads up to the highway called Autopista Duarte,you can catch this bus as well further on,though I went twice with it and evey time it went or passed different streets which are close to highway Template:Autipista Duarte. It takes from the center aproximately 1:30 hour to get to the point where you can hitchhike. Ask the driver to leave you on Peaje (pay toll). The ticket cost at this moment from Avenida Mexico to Pay toll around RD$40 which is less than US$1. From there is very easy to catch the ride. I am not using any sign,though here in DR it works that you just shout the direction you want to go,as many people drive with opened windows. So for example - Santiango,La Vega etc ...