San Miguel de Tucuman

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San Miguel is a city in northern Argentina.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Salta

From the terminal, take bus 101 or 118, which leave every 15-20 minutes. For about 5 pesos, it will take you along De la Torre and out of the city. You can take it to a suburb and hitch an on-ramp, but it would probably be better to get off at the intersection with Av. Circunvalacion, where there are many on-ramps and a gas station.

South towards Santiago del Estero === From the terminal, take bus to Santa Rosa de Leales in platform 59 or next to, is about 90 pesos (September 2022) and leave it in the intersection between ruta 306 and ruta 9. Ruta 9 runs to Termas de Rio Hondo, Santiago del Estero and southern. An excellent point to start is YPF Empalme.

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