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Rostov-on-Don (Russian: Ростов-на-Дону) is a city big city in the central part of Russia, located in Rostov Oblast.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Voronezh and Moscow

Ask around for a bus that goes to IKEA/Mega/Auchan; it should bring you right to the ringroad junction for free. Walk over the junction and start hitching.

South towards the Caucasus

Head to the central bus station and ask for a bus heading to Samaskoe. This bus will take you beyond the southern suberb of Bataysk all the way to the M4. You can either get off at a petrol station on the motorway or you can get off at the junction for Samaskoe where there is plentry of space for oncoming cars to stop. The bus (marshutka) cost 44 rubles (June 2013). It is possible to find rides heading all the way down to Mahachkala from here!

Hitching In

Public Transport

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Places to Avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

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