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<map lat='48.15612350772293' lng='9.476566314697266' zoom='13' view='0' float='right'/> Riedlingen is a small town in the German Bundesland Baden-Württemberg, located in the South of the country.

It may be a point of transit for hitch-hikers on their way in the South of Germany since the Bundesstraße 311 and 312 intersect here.

If you happen to feel hungry, there are affordable shops in the town centre. Furthermore, if the weather permits, do not miss to take a rest along the Donau (Danube river) bed.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Reutlingen

If you want to go north towards Reutlingen, go to the hospital (at the far end of town). There is a bus stop and all cars that pass will go your direction.

East towards Biberach

Look out for road signs for Biberach (B312).

The spot mentioned below for Bad Saulgau (by the hospital) works good. Moreover, next to the fire station you can easily attract cars.

If these spots do not work out, there is a bus stop next to the dairy factory. Coming from Riedlingen, you have to cross the road bridge towards Biberach/Bodensee (B312/B311). The bus stop lies ca. 500 m after the bridge.

South towards Bad Saulgau, Ravensburg, Bodensee region]]

If you want to go south towards Bad Saulgau either stand on the bus stop in the opposite of the hospital.

Another option is to walk further into town and either follow the road signs for B311 (Bodensee) signs or simply ask people for the "Aral" petrol station.

On the almost opposite of the "Aral" station you can see a factory called "Silit". There is an out-of-service bus stop that is free for you to catch an easy hike towards the Bodensee region.