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Revelstoke, BC is a Canadian city, that feels like a small and beautiful mountain town. Picturesque beauty, defined by a rugged Mountain scape, flowing river, and a small lake to swim in with the locals on hot summer days. Hiking in the national park of Revelstoke is a great way to spend a day. There are easy and difficult trails. Take a car up there. With many curves, it'll be a fun trip back down. A highly recommendable destination for any traveler.

<map lat="51.00242200000023" lng="-118.20064600000021" zoom="12" view="0"/>
Flag of Canada
State: British Columbia
Population: 7,139 (2011)
Licence plate: BC
Major roads: Hwy-1, Hwy-23
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Hitching out

West toward Sicamous, Kelowna, Kamloops on (Hwy-1)

On the highway going West there is a bridge. The area in between that bridge and the Hwy 23 (south) intersection in front of it has an unusually wide shoulder on both sides and is in full view of drivers going either way. Plus, the intersection slows potential traffic down considerably. This is an ideal spot for hitchhikers going both directions.

East toward Golden, Calgary on (Hwy-1)

An other alternative for Eastbound travelers is to walk, east from the gas station up the service road to the Hwy 1, and Hwy 23 (North) intersection. From that intersection walk an other 500m, and there will be a nice pull out for cars to stop. The distance to walk from that gas station, will be the same in each direction.

South toward Nakusp, and Nelson on (Hwy-23)

If you wish to head down the valley then just South of the intersection (West of the Bridge) is your spot. There is a train overpass, and right behind that overpass is a safe place for cars to pull off.

Accommodation and Sleep

There is a really great backpackers hostel in the city that is packed full of international skiers and snowboarders during the winter season. The area is heavily wooded. Be aware that there are numerous black bears that roam the town at night, so stash your food away from your camp.

Other useful info

The local police do not take kindly to people sleeping outdoors in the city, either go stealth or move farther away towards the city limits.

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

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