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<map lat="50.47506000000023" lng="-104.59834000000021" zoom="10" view="0"/>
Flag of Canada
State: [[Saskatchewan]]
Population: 193,100 (2011)
Licence plate: SK
Major roads: Hwy-1, Hwy-11, Hwy-6, Hwy-33, Hwy-46
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Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada. There are a lot of beautiful old neighbourhoods, and for the most part the locals are friendly. However, at times you should be careful, as the city's crime rate is usually among the highest in the country. Regina is pretty easy to hitch in and out of.

Hitching out

(Hwy-1) West Moose Jaw (Calgary)

There is going to be a fair bit of traffic moving between Regina, and Moose Jaw. At the Lewvan Dr and Hwy 1 overpass walk out past the merge lane (so that cars can safely merge while you're being picked up) and then put your thumb out. Speeds will be fairly fast at this location, as this is the Trans-Canadian Highway, and speed limits are not really enforced in Regina.

(Hwy-1) East Brandon (Winnipeg)

At the end of Victoria Ave there are a few stop lights to slow down traffic. The shoulders are pretty wide too.

(Hwy-11) Northwest towards Saskatoon

There is a lot of traffic moving between Regina, and Saskatoon. Take the bus to the Walmart on Pasqua St. (at the north end of Lewvan Dr) then keep walking north until you get to the Hwy-11 overpass.

Places to avoid

During the day the whole city is relatively safe, but you should be careful around North Central (north of Downtown), and the Core (east of downtown)

Accommodation and Sleep

Other useful info

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