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Quito is the capital of Ecuador.

Hitchhiking Out


In direction north: Get a bus from the "Carcelen"-Terminal in the very north heading ether to Cayambe/Otavalo/Ibarra/Tulcan. Get out at the first "peáje"(Toll-Station). The bus will need 15min., $0,25. There you can easily ask for lifts in direction north.


In direction south: If youre in the centre, there are two possibilities.

  • Get the trole-bus to the "Quitumbe"-Terminal in the very south, from there catch any bus in direction south and get out at any point of the Panamericana. The first "peáje" ist quite far ($0,75), so it is probably better to get out before (for example in Tumbillo, there is a gas station).
  • Go to "El trebol" (big junction near "La Marin" in the center, final station of the Ecovia-bus). From there catch a bus in direction Tumbillo/Machachi and get out in Tumbillo (~$0,50). There is a gas station nearby.


The turnstiles at the exits of the stations for the rapid transit buses seem to often not lock (maybe the couple I tried were just broken) so you can just walk in the exit. There do not appear to be ticket controls on the buses.

Personal Experiences

I arrived very late at night, and this was the first time I got a ride without asking for one. The cops pulled over and asked me what the hell I was doin walking in that neighborhood and was I crazy? They gave me a ride to my friend's place. -Chael777