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Québec is the capital city of the province of the same name, Quebec. It is also one of the eldest city in North America and Canada and well reknown for its historic centre and its fortification but as well for its proximity to the nature. Quebec city is known to be one of the safest place to be in country, violent crime is absent and scams are rare. Therefore the population is tolerant and trusting towards hitch-hikers and the police usually easy-going.

Quebec city has one of the highest proportion of highway km/inhabitants in its metropolitan area. This has accentuate an easy commuting for the workers making the journey from the suburbs or even the rural green area surrounding the city. Even if there is plenty of motorways going through several point of the city most of these highways are ending in the city, it should therefore be easily possible to find a hitching spot at the beginning of those main ways.

Hitching from Quebec city to the rural surrounding areas should usually be really simple as many commuters does travel nearly 100km every day between their home and the city they might simply take you as they would think you are from the same village as them and therefore they should know you, as this is still part of the rural mentality. Hence again, having a sign stipulating your destination or the County will greatly help.

Even if hitching along the highway is 'de facto' illegal, it is still pretty common in the Greater Quebec region and would be tolerated at a certain point (this includes the highway once in the rural area passed the suburbs. Hitching in the metropolitan area along the highway though, would NOT be tolerated at any point. Hitching along the slip-road would be no problem unless there is no safety space for a car to stop, which is the case in several area.

Going East, to Charlevoix (St-Lawrence North Shore)

Going North, to Saguenay/Lac-St-Jean area along A-73

Going West, to Montreal along A-40

Going West, to Montreal joining A-20

Going East, through A-20 (St-Lawrence South Shore)

Going South, direction Maine/USA along A-73

Local Area Hitching