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A post-card is a short message that you would send or already have send someone. Think of your driver, your hitchhiker, a friend, family, your host, someone you met on the road, etc.

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yeah 3 rides, some german musician folk who speak dutch with each other, 2 romanian fellas who say they where going to dortmund, and drove quite near hannover wich was odd because they changed there mind regardin on some phone calls chatting with my man justin hear recons they where most probably involved in moving girls around, they where kinda dodgey and super nice german family who live about 30 ks away but yep u guessed it drove me to the door, yeah its just how i pictured travelling when i was a junger.

James, September 14th 2008


The trip went great! But I'm actually not that sure about the spot at the bus lane.. I think there was hardly anyone driving in our direction. After about 1 hour however a very cool former hitchhiker stopped for us and brought us to the next petrol station even though it wasn't his direction either. After that it was no problem to get to Bremen. The next day hitchhiking out of Bremen was the most difficult part, it was like a cultural shock suddenly facing all these ignorant or disgusted glances from the german drivers. So different from france & netherlands, kinda sad. Thanks again for taking us in! Without you it probably would have been wild camping & a grumpy Sandra

Kai, September 3rd 2008