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Perl is a village on the mosel river located between the borders to Luxembourg, France and Germany There is a lot of over-border traffic. On the main road you'll find a small restaurant with a parking in front of it - this is a good spot to hitchhike.

<map lat='49.47' lng='6.38' zoom='12' view='3' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Saarland.png
Population: 7,000
Licence plate: MZG
Major roads: Bundesautobahn 8 number.svg
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Hitchhiking out

To Luxembourg or Saarbrücken

The A8 is just north of the village on is switching to the luxembourgish A13 immediatly west. Direction south-east leads to Saarbrücken. Just walk to the on-ramp and start hitching.

To France (Metz, Nancy)

At the southern end of the village there is a roundabout which leads to the french rue national 153. This road leads to Thionville and there you'll get easily on the motorway to Metz/Nancy.