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Panama is a country in Central America.

There are borders with Costa Rica in the North and Colombia in the South. But there are no roads to Colombia. There is a way to go through the jungle, but it's extremely dangerous, due to the Colombian 'guerillas'.

To find the way by boats, simply go to Panama, reach Darien province and start asking people how and where to get boats and which villages to pass by. There is a german Guy who hitchhiked the Darian Gap. to hitch a boat get to the san cristobal marina in colon, boat hitching is never easy so be prepared to wait days or weeks. there are 2 marinas (including balboa marina) in panama city but chances for colombia are lower. on both sides many boats go to south pacific and you also may get a ride through the canal as linehandler. to get to the marinas in panama city take minibus from plaza 5mayo toward amador and hitch back.


panama city ff

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