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Osijek is a city in Croatia.

Hitching out

North Hungary (Mohacs, Pecs, Budapest)

Go along river from the city centre and just next to old city and fortress (Tvrdavica) there is a bridge over Drava river. The bridge is a part of big road - E73 coming from Bosnian border crossing Samac and Dakovo town in the south to Beli Manastir and border with Hungary in the north. If you go across the bridge there is a café on the right with small parking in front of it - hitchhike right from here.


SOUTH-WEST to Bosnia(Banja Luka) We were going from Osijek to Bosnia toward Banja Luka and we had really great luck. Our friends left us on high way(E73) that leads back from Osijek to Zagreb just before pay tolls. We waited for 10 minutes but on this high way in not so gut traffic and cars are going very rarely so maybe it is better to take normal road to Bosnia but you could try your luck as we, it was middle of May 2013(our driver left us just near border to Gradiska). Also when I was going from Zagreb to Osijek later at end of July on high way A3. Truck pick me up in Zagreb and left on turn to Đakovo and Osijek(high way A5). I walk up to high way till turning for Osijek direction and first car pick me up but I wanted to say that also later when I was waiting after Đakovo on rest place few hours on high way in one hour maybe 15 cars passed by on this high way, so it is not so crowded with cars even that is main high way, people probably do not use often becaue you must pay fee for driving there and normal road is free.